ATS-A6 Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

– Core Alignment + Integrated V-groove Deck

Fiber Alignment Method Core to core alignment, 6 motors Return Loss ≥60dB Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Fiber Count Single fiber Typical Heating Time 15s with 60mm sleeve Typical Heating Times 280 cycles
Applicable Fiber SMF (G.652/657), MMF (G.651),

DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655)

Protective Sleeve Length 20~60mm Electrode Life 3,000 ~ 3600 splices
Fiber Diameter 250~300um, 900um, 2.0mm, 3.0mm,

2*3mm flat drop cable

Tension Test 1.5~2.0N Adaptive discharge Automatic ARC calibration according to air pressure and temperature
Fiber Cleaved Length 8~16mm (coating diameter: 125~1000um) Storage of Splice Results 1,000 latest records Terminal Mini USB 2.0
Splicing Modes Total 41 splice modes, can be added by user Illumination 3 high power LED white lights Operating Condition Altitude: 0~5,000m, relative humidity:

0~95%, temperature: -10~50℃ , Max. wind velocity: 15m/s

Splicing Time 8sec SM FAST Display Forward/backward switch (button), 5 inches 800*480 high resolution color LCD touch screen Storage Environment Relative humidity: 0~95%, temperature: -40~80℃
Typical Splice Loss 0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM), 0.05dB (DSF) and 0.05dB (NZDS) Fiber Image Magnification X/Y (280X magnification), or both X and Y simultaneously (160X magnification) Dimension (W*L*H) 140*170*176mm (with rubber housing); 130*170*170mm (without rubber housing)
Estimated Splice Loss yes Power Supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz; 12~15VDC Weight Splicer weight: 2.58kg (with rubber housing); 2.08kg (without rubber housing)