ATM-P4 Fiber Inspector Pack



ATM-P4 Fiber Inspector is able to inspect both male and female fiber optic connectors of SC/LC/FC/MU/E2000/MPO’s end face with 400X magnification, displaying fiber end face through a video screen. Fiber Inspector can verify whether the connector end face is contaminated, scratched, damaged, clean or not.

It is easy to inspect fiber optic connectors in hard-to-reach areas, connectors inside fiber optic patch panel for example.


Fiber Optic Inspection Probe:

  • Consistent alignment, simple to operate
  • Unidirectional focusing, quick and accurate imaging
  • 400X magnification, clear image


  • Small, light, and portable
  • Changeable high capacity batteries
  • Photo, video and record tested fiber
  • Brightness and Contrast adjustable


Fiber Optic Inspection Probe:
Magnification 400X
Resolution <1μm
Power Supply 12.6V Li Battery
Focus Speed 2~6S
Alignment >98%
Output Port NTSC/PAL port
Weight 220g
Dimension 160L*23W*60H (mm)
Screen Dimension 3.5 inch TFT-LCD / 960*240
Picture Single-framed 640x480JPG
Timer 5/15/30mins selections
Batteries Li-ion 1600mAh
Languages English/Chinese
Input/Output Port AV /USB2.0
Weight 1kg
Standard Accessories:
Name Quantity
Fiber Optic Inspection Probe 1pc
3.5 inch display 1pc
1.25PC-F (For Female1.25mm connectors, LC/PC, MU/PC) 1pc
2.5PC-F (For Female 2.5mm connectors, SC/PC, FC/PC, ST/PC) 1pc
1.25PC-M (For Male 1.25mm connectors, LC/PC, MU/PC) 1pc
2.5PC-M (For Male 2.5mm connectors, SC/PC, FC/PC, ST/PC) 1pc
Li-ion batteries 1pc
Charger 1pc
Hard Carrying case 1pc
Optional Accessories:
Name Quantity
1.25PC-M (For 1.25mm connectors, LC/PC, MU/PC) 1pc
FC-F-APC (For FC/APC adaptor) 1pc
SC-F-APC (For SC/APC adaptor) 1pc
LC-APC-F ((For LC/APC adaptor) 1pc
2.5M-APC (For 2.5mm connectors, SC/APC, FC/APC, ST/APC) 1pc
MPO-PC (For MPO/PC adaptor) 1set
MPO-APC (For MPO/A PC adaptor);
20-U-M SMPTE/LEMO UPC Male Connector 1pc
20-U-F SMPTE/LEMO UPC Female Connector 1pc
FC/SC-PC-60F (For FC/APC or SC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
LC-APC-60F (For LC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
SC-APC-60F (For SC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
1.25APC-M ( (For 1.25mm connectors, LC/APC, MU/APC at 60 degree testing) 1pc