1. 4.3-inch HD touch screen
  2. Measure distance as short as 2 meters
  3. Event Dead Zone: 1.2m; Attenuation Dead Zone: 5.5m
  4. 10 cm resolution for accurate mapping of event
  5. Support multi-result analysis
  • segment return loss
  • event detection point return loss
  • multi-trace comparing
  • fiber attenuation by least square method
  • fiber attenuation by two point method
  • results corresponding to segments
  • interface screen shot for any display
  1. Cover full range of user interface
  • USB A Type
  • Micro-USB,
  • SanDisk
  1. Ultra-High Capacity Battery that enables continuous use in the wild and support charge with portable power bank
  2. Support peripherals like mouse and keyboard ( For simultaneous use, please expand with USB HUB)
  3. Support both horizontal and vertical displays
  4. Support RJ45 cable test


ATO-A1 OTDR is used in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. Acuteq OTDR has the advantage of high precision test capabilities, fast response time and easy to learn to operate. The ATO-A1 Series offers accurate and fast results and creates a report automatically.

General Specification

Display 4.3 inch HD (touch screen)
Battery 3.7 V/5200mAh X 1 lithium battery

Continuously test: > 8 hours (back light off)

Charging time: 3 hours with adapter; 10 hours with USB

Data Storage 100,000 groups of curves
Interface USB A Type×1, Micro-USB×1, 16GB SanDisk
Working Temp -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temp -20℃~+70℃
Humidity ≤95% (non-condensation)
Accessories Main unit, 12V power adapter, Lithium battery, FC adapter, USB cord, User guide, carrying case, wrist belt
Dimension 7.1× 4.3×1.8 inches/ 1.54 pounds (battery included)

180×110×46 mm/ 0.7kg (battery included)


Test parameter

Wavelength Single Mode Multi-Mode
1310nm, 1550nm (Standard)

1625nm、1650nm (Optional with MOQ)

850nm, 1300nm

(Optional with MOQ)

Dynamic Range ATO-A1-S20 20 dB @1550nm
ATO-A1-S22 22 dB @1550nm
ATO-A1-D22 22/20 dB @1310/1550nm
ATO-A1-D24 24/22 dB @1310/1550nm
ATO-A1-D26 26/24 dB @1310/1550nm
Testing Distance 70km, 80km, 90km
Sampling Resolution Minimum 10cm
Sampling Point Maximum 64,000 points
Linearity ≤0.05dB/dB
scale Indication X axis: 4~70m/div, Y axis: 0.09~5dB/div
Loss Threshold 0.01dB
Loss Resolution 0.001dB
Distance Resolution 0.01m
Distance Accuracy ±(1m+measuring distance×3×10-5+sampling resolution) (excluding IOR uncertainty)
Refraction Setting 1.2000~1.5999, 0.0001 step
Dynamic Range 20~26dB 22dB/24dB
Dead Event Zone 1.2m/5.5m 2m/8m

List of Optional Modules

Modules Parameter Note
VFL Module Optional between 1-20mW Default: 10mW
OPM Module Type A:+10dBm~-70dBm; Type A as default choice
Type B:+23dBm~-50dBm
LS Module Output:-5dBm±2dB N0 LS Module for Mutil-mode
Output Mode:CW/270Hz/1KHz/2KHz
GPS/GNSS / Customized
WIFI/Bluetooth / Customized
IOT module / Customized
End Inspector 400X magnification


①Dynamic range is measured with maximum pulse width, averaging time is 3 minutes, SNR=1; The level difference between the RMS noise level and the level where near end back-scattering occurs.


②Event dead zone is measured with pulse width of 3ns; attenuation dead zone is measured with pulse width of 5ns.