CFS-2 Fiber Optic Stripper


For stripping 250um buffer coating to expose 125um cladded fiber

Second hole for stripping 2-3mm fiber jackets

140um diameter hole and V-opening in blade allows removal of 250um buffer coating from 125um fiber

Pre-set at the factory – no adjustments needed

Will not scratch or nick glass fiber

All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips

Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles

Lock to hold tool closed when it is not in use

Length: 165mm; weight: 113g

ATB-1 Cleaver Blade


The tungsten alloy of ATB-1 Cleaver Blade characterizes a high precision of cutting, smooth cutting face, precise cutting angle and long lifetime. Both quality and lifetime can be comparable to similar products produced in Japan. It is the ideal tool for cutting silica optical fiber, single fiber and ribbon fiber.


Blade positions: 12

Blade life: 36,000 times

ATE-1 Electrode


ATE-1 Electrode features with high quality, a long lifespan and excellent performance.


Life: 5,000 arc discharges